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Emily's Project


Even with a generous insurance plan, I saved almost $100 on one prescription by going to a different pharmacy. Prescription prices hide behind pharmacy counters and insurance plans. Sure you can get the price, but it's a hassle to call (press 1 to hear directions, 2 to hear our hours, blah, blah, blah) and even more of a hassle to take your script to all the different counters. For all of the information online about health and medications, there's not a lot out there to make prescription drug prices transparent.

That needs to change. This website is the tool I looked for and couldn't find. Watch the short videos below to learn how to use FrugalPharmacies.com to help you find the best price for your prescriptions and enter the prices you find to help everyone else too.

Happy, healthy savings,


Me and my family
Me and my family!