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Emily's Project

Why FrugalPharmacies.com?

Because I need this information and you need it too. My doctors frequently don't know the prices of the drugs they prescribe and my insurance isn't getting more generous about covering this stuff. (I'm guessing yours isn't either.) Many people, even those with insurance, don't realize that they can save a lot of money by price checking their prescriptions. Can you spot the difference in price markups between pharmacies or know without checking if your copay is cheaper than the cash price? I can't. But, by taking some time to research my medications, I can often find big savings by choosing one pharmacy over another. While some pharmacies will tend to be less expensive, no single store has always been the most affordable. There is often no apparent reason as to why a common antibiotic that you need now costs $10 at one store and $89 at another. Now with FrugalPharmacies, you can cut down on phone calls to pharmacies and quickly find where to start looking for the best prices.

When you need a prescription, remember FrugalPharmacies.com to compare and share information. You will be helping yourself and the whole community with the cost of health care.

Use FrugalPharmacies.com to:

  • Find the best price when you go to the pharmacy.
  • Enter the prices you've found.
  • Talk with your doctor about possible alternatives to pricier prescriptions.
  • See how much value you are getting from your insurance plan.

FAQs (show hide)

How do I know your data and information is accurate?

Some of our information comes from verified sources. Other information does not. While we hope that members of this community would only post what is accurate and true, you should verify any information you find here (regardless of its source) with your doctor or a pharmacist. The pharmacy numbers are generally included. Please flag anything you see that is untrue or offensive by contacting me.

I have insurance. Can this site still help me find a better price for my prescriptions?

Yes. Different insurance plans cover different medicines at different rates. Sometimes you will be better off paying cash without even meeting your insurance copay. Better to pay a cheaper cash price than a more expensive insurance copay!

I don't have insurance and am on a very limited budget. Can you help?

Check out the Other Resources pages and click "Paying for RX" for some the names of organizations that offer help to people facing overwhelming costs. Sometimes drug manufacturers have programs as well to help. If you don't qualify for this kind of help, you may be able to find out how to ask if another, less-expensive medication would work for you. You can also find where the lowest price is offered by seeing what other people are paying for the same drug or similar drugs. After you are done investigating your options, don't forget to come back to add to our information.

What's the cash price?

The cash price is the price you pay without insurance. Sometimes certain prescriptions can be less expensive without using insurance. Also, if you don't know if or how much your insurance will help you, it makes sense to find the least expensive cash price. Some pharmacies print the price without insurance on their information sheets, but many do not.

Do you have information on every prescription?

We have certain types of information on certain classes of drugs. But with the thousands of prescriptions on the market, it will take time for the community to fill the in the gaps. It's highly likely we have information on the drug you're looking for. In the off chance we don't, we can add it quickly. Users are encouraged to share. This will help everyone get the best information.

I own/ work for a pharmacy and would like to post my pharmacy's prices here on an official level. How do I do it?

Contact me for directions on how to submit in bulk. Your price information will display as verified automatically.